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 Ethan Marcus NG Application

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PostSubject: Ethan Marcus NG Application    Sat Jun 30, 2012 5:24 am

National Force

In Character

1.) First Name:

2.) Last Name:

3.) Age:

4.) Date of birth:

5.) Origin:
los santos

6.) Address:

7.) Email Address:

8.) Contact Number:

9.) What is your Nationality?:

10.) Are you Currently Employed?:

11.) Life Biography( minimum of 300 words ) :
My name is Ethan Marcus. i was born at Las Venturas , in a small hospital. When i born i moves with my mother to los santos there we lived at grove street , in Los Santos. She raised me on her own , because my father was in the army , and wasnt at home alot. i really missed him back then.
When i was fifteen years old , my father passed away. it was terrible. Why did he desrved this ? he was a great man. he fought for our country. When i reached the age of twenty , i knew i wanted to do something like my father did. this is when i moved out of house. my mother tought i was way too young. she is really caring , and did not wanted me to leave. i left the house , and rent a house in Los Santos , AL corona. near the motel. i then looked for a job. In San fierro , i got my first job , as a pizzaboy. i liked delivering pizzas , but it was not quite what i was looking for. i wanted to help people , not deliver their food ! so when i was reading the newspaper the other day , and saw an advertisement about a Taxi job , i called immediatly. i got accepted , and i stayed for about a week. i then canceled my job , and became a car mechanic. i loved my job. i could talk to people. interact with people. people loved me for the fact that i helped them. and for a moment, i felt like my father. untill i got robbed. i got called on a normal day , and drived to the location the caller gave me. they pulled out guns on me , shot me in my legs , and stole all the cash ive earned that day. thats when i knew something was wrong. happily i survived it. i know look at this city in a different way. there are criminals everywhere. robberys , murders. those criminals should be in jail. but they arent. they are free, so i wanted to join the Los Santos Police Department.
I joined the Los Santos Police Department. fought crime. Arrested alot of criminals. Ive spent days reading the handbook , so i could help cadets gain experience. it was a fun time, but after a while i wanted to do something even harder. i wanted to be a SWAT officer.
i came with the SRU on a mission once, on a raid on an island. i loved it , so i wanted to join the SRU. i applied for the SRU , got all my recommendations , and then i got accepted. they trained me , and i passed it. i was now a SWAT Officer.
But after a couple of days i got striked by the chief. he fired me , and told me i could re-apply in a week.
So i began working as a taxi driver. But after i had to clean all the puke out of my car after several incidents with drunk passengers i became a car mechanic again. Now ive heard someone saying that the San Andreas National Guard Services were currently hiring new soldiers,
so i tought it was worth trying out to get in

12.) Why Do You Want To Be A Part Of National Force?( minimum of 200 words ):
I would bring my expertise, my bravery and my courage never again be the criminal to escape or attempt to flee feels. and of course restore the order and law.

13.) Why should we accept you instead of the other applicants?( minimum of 100 words ):
Becouse I wish San Andreas to be a better place for living,To serve more people and fight against smugglers and killers And Rule Breakers! I want help people And i want Fight with killers and Rule breakers! because with out them people have a better life! but with them the life is difficult! ,Because I have experience and skills to Shooting And Working with Weapon and i can fight! I'm brave and bold So i am Cool To join!

14.) Have you ever been convicted into a crime?:

15.) Have you ever served your time in prison?:

15.1.) If yes, State the reason:

16.) Have you ever served in a Law Enforcement Organization before?:
17.) Have you ever been in a gang or to an illegal Organization?:

Out of Character

1.) Timezone ( GMT ):
Gmt +1

2.) Origin:

3.) Gender:

4.) Age:

5.) Forums Account:
ethan_marcus ((lol))

6.) Ex.Factions/Families:

7.) Have You Ever Been Banned, If so Why?:

8.) List all of your previous names in ****:

9.) Character's Stats ( SS ):

10.) How many hours do you play a day?:

11.) What is your level?:
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PostSubject: ACCEPTED   Tue Jul 03, 2012 9:14 pm


Looking forward to see how you will do in the physical tests.

Sean Price.
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Ethan Marcus NG Application
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